Open, Useful, and Timely Patient Safety


Welcome to a movement embracing patient safety that's open, useful, and timely.  If most things we do in every day life are, why not in healthcare?

In the world of "patient-facing" patient safety, the stakes can be high when it comes to open access to meaningful, real-time safety information:  life or death. 

After all, published peer-reviewed research studies in Health Affairs, The New England Journal of Medicine, and elsewhere has shown that 1 out of every 3 patients in U.S. hospitals suffers an "adverse event," or a safety problem.

When you receive care, how safe are you?



OpenSafety Foundation brings together leading clinicians, scientists, technologists, regulators, foundations and -- most importantly -- patients and their families in order to make patient safety more open, useful, and timely.


Take Action

What can you do?  Lots!  Please check back for an upcoming announcement from OpenSafety, and we'll share a way for patients and their families to get involved in making care safer and more reliable with open, useful, and timely access to information.